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The AGE-Pro's aural aims may be old-fashinoned, but its business-like appearance is far from antique. A sturdy fascia fronts and equally substantial steel casing and the unit occupies 2U of rack space or can be used in stand-alone mode.

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AGE-PROIndependent adjustments for both input sensitivity and line level ensures perfect matching between instrument and amplifier.
AGE-PROSix pre-set echo patterns, One tap-selectable position and one user pre-set position ensure total coverage of any echo demand.
AGE-PROAdjustable repeat and echo levels matches the echo sound to the studio, theatre or auditorium.
AGE-PROFlutter control adds that "Vintage Echo" sound without the old problems of distortion and noise associated with earlier echoes.
AGE-PROFoot pedal for variable echo level with adjustable bypass setting.

  1. Input level LED's.
  2. Front instrument input socket (same impedance as rear socket 14).
  3. Input gain to match instrument to AGE-PRO.
  4. Input level sets the volume of the signal to be processed.
  5. Tone control for repeated echoes.
  6. Pedal bypass allows up to 25% echo 'bleed' in minimum position.
  7. Repeat sets the number of times the whole echo is repeated.
  8. Speed controls the time interval between the echo 'taps'.
  9. Tap switches select individual five 'taps' in Mode 7: position in any combination.
  10. Flutter control adds the pitch variation normally found with tape echoes.
  11. Echo level sets the volume of the echo compared to the instrument input level.
  12. Mode selects the six pre-set echo patterns, tap-selectable position & user pre-set position.
  13. Illuminated mains switch turns power on & off.
  14. Rear input socket for instrument or from amplifier effects loop circuit.
  15. Line input socket.
  16. Output socket: Direct and Effect.
  17. Output socket: Effect only.
  18. Foot pedal input socket.
  19. Mode 8: Position individual level controllers for all five 'taps'.
  20. Mains lead input socket.

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