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Gaz Coombes

The Burns Legend is a faithful reproduction of the original Burns Marvin, first introduced in 1964.

Each Legend has been handcrafted in England to include all the original features, such as the Rez-o-tube unit.

This exclusive patent involves each string passing through the bridge in its own individual resonance tube, rather than going through alonside 5 other strings. This enhances the tone of each string and gives greater clarity of articulation.

Three Rez-o-matic pickups governed by a five-way selector switch, two rotary tone controls and one master volume open all possibilities for the orchestral guitarist.

Guitarist Magazine (December 1996)
The Burns Legend Guitar
Offers a considerable amount of guitar for your money. The adventurous rocker or jazz guitarist with cash to spare will be rewarded with a cool guitar oozing character from every pore

Bodywidth: 12¾ inches
Scale length: 25½ inches
Standard finish: White or green sunburst.


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