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So, why should you believe everything we say about how great our guitars are? After all, we're bound to be keen on them. Well, you don't have to take our word for any of it. Over the years, some of the best guitarists and bassists in the world have played our instruments, and they must know a thing or two. Here are some names you might recoginize, all of them play or have played Burns instruments.

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Nicky Wire

Chris Fox

Gary Hope

Melancholy Russia

Kindest of Thieves

Les Capitans

Robert Taylor

Roger Gee

Burns From Austria


Bejing Beatles

The Searchers

Gary Hurst / Ian Burns

Nic Bennett

Conrad Oberg


Johnny Gimenez

Foot Tapper

Steve Fishman

Mark Knopfler

James Cotton

Pierre Teodori

Ron Chardon

Group of zealots

Ray Hogben

Skip Lunch


Michael Clare

Ben Little

Barry Gibson

The Hollies

Nils Wandrey

Rüdiger Wandrey

Dino Villanueva

Glenn Bergman

Pete Holidai

Gary Travis

The Marvinettes

John Van Wagoner

Luke Kirk

Graham Anthony Combo

Rob Taylor

Al Atkins

Grzegorz Kurek

Kuba Holak

Trevor Warburton

The Conchords

The Revivals

Gary McKernan

Paul Andreasen

Karl Heinz Villis

Danish Shads

Memory Lane

Adam Knight

Light Crust Doughboys

Niels Eglund

Richard Raymond

Callum Hurrell

Alan Levin

The Glitz

Sonic Night

Mike Barnham

The Diplomats

The Shake Set

The Wolfes

Tom Revitt

Unit 4 + 2

Artrio Shadows


The Well Rested

Andre Germain

George Turner

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Other players not featured above include: Mick Box of Uriah Heap, Beatnicks, Beck, Bert Weedon, Black Crows, Dave Edmunds, Easy Beats, Girls Aloud, Ike Isaacs, Joe Walsh, John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin, Menswear, New Seekers, Nick Cane (Mavericks), Paul Day, Pete Townsend (The Who), Pulp, Rapiers, Razorlight, Rick Huxley (The Dave Clarke Five), Roger Newell, Ry Cooder, Saul Davis (James Band), Sham 69, Texas, The Blues Band, The Local Heroes, The Tremeloes, The Troggs, Tommy Emmanuel, T.Rex, Trident, John Dwyer and Unit 4+2.

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