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Steer cut away


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Johnny Hiland

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Peter Walsh

The Steer was originally developed in 1979, only 40 were made and the guitar was never reviewed at that time. It was endorsed by International artist BILLY BRAGG and it is still his favourite guitar to this day.

Paul Day in Guitarist wrote: "Playability is excellent, as are the sounds, and these combine with an abundance of original character that succesfully captures virtually all the essence of Jim Burn's original intentions"

This guitar is quite unique in its construction; a solid bass wood body is routed out on both sides of the pickup cavity to not only make the guitar light but give it a more airy and earthy sound, fitted with a solid top and fitted with a Burns split humbucking pickup at the bridge which can be made single coil by the flick of a switch, and a high powered single coil at the neck.

The Steer is a very versatile guitar giving a noticeably audible vintage twang sound when both pickups are in use and powerful clean lead sound using the bridge pickup only.

The neck is made from Hardrock maple and is 25 1/2 inch scale length.

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